His Canvases Are What Others Spit Out
MUSWELL HILL, England - When first exposed to the art of Ben Wilson, or to Mr. Wilson in the act of creating it, people ..
Managing a Dancehall Reggae Brand He Made Himself
“ This music stuff — what people say about me good or bad — I don’t take it personally. It’s business.” During a conc..
In Mexico, (TV) Police As Heroes
MEXICO CITY - In a country where nobody trusts the police, can you make a routine cop television show? Mexican prime..
The American West as Art Classroom
LUBBOCK, Texas - A few landmarks rise above the flatness here - water towers, radio antennae, lonelylooking trees. Mostl..
Clothes Are Made to Multitask for a Busier, Pricier World
Whatever happened to clothes that were just clothes? Now there are toning shoes, gut-reducing underwear, parka drawstrin..
Push ‘Print’ for Three Dimensions
“There’s nothing like working with plastic!” said Marius Watz, a Norwegian- born artist. He was describing his exper..
Launching a Franchise In Mask and Pajamas
WEST HOLLYWOOD - There is a lot at stake with “Green Lantern” - at least for its star, Ryan Reynolds, and Warner Brother..
For Kurds in Turkey, Autonomy in the Arts
DIYARBAKIR, Turkey - Not so long ago playing Kurdish music over a loudspeaker into the streets here might have provoked ..
J. Lo Leaves Diva Image Behind
She arrived like a modern-day Cleopatra, smiling and waving down at her adoring masses from the top deck of a trolley, h..
Popularity Of Extensions Lures Thieves To Salons
In the past few months, thieves in quest of human hair have killed a beauty shop supplier in Michigan and carried out he..
Cirque’s New Act: The Theater Stage
MONTREAL - With a wolfish grin and a bald head, Guy Laliberte, a cofounder and the owner of Cirque du Soleil, looks like..
Gertrude Stein, Her Own Creation
SAN FRANCISCO - We still don’t know Gertrude Stein, one of America’s greatest writers, very well. That much is suggested..
A Kingmaker Whose Domain Is Cheaply Wrought Horror Flicks
Larry Fessenden knew something was wrong with “Stake Land,” a bleak horror movie he was producing about the survivors of..
A Blacksmith’s Touch Makes the Music Light
Heavy metal usually means a lot of racket . But on his farm in southwestern Tuscany, the German sculptor and musician Pa..
Oh, the Stuff Those Lions Guard
“One of the five greatest public libraries in the world” is the boast made at a new exhibition celebrating the centennia..

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