His Canvases Are What Others Spit Out
MUSWELL HILL, England - When first exposed to the art of Ben Wilson, or to Mr. Wilson in the act of creating it, people ..
Managing a Dancehall Reggae Brand He Made Himself
“ This music stuff — what people say about me good or bad — I don’t take it personally. It’s business.” During a conc..
In Mexico, (TV) Police As Heroes
MEXICO CITY - In a country where nobody trusts the police, can you make a routine cop television show? Mexican prime..
The American West as Art Classroom
LUBBOCK, Texas - A few landmarks rise above the flatness here - water towers, radio antennae, lonelylooking trees. Mostl..
Clothes Are Made to Multitask for a Busier, Pricier World
Whatever happened to clothes that were just clothes? Now there are toning shoes, gut-reducing underwear, parka drawstrin..
Push ‘Print’ for Three Dimensions
“There’s nothing like working with plastic!” said Marius Watz, a Norwegian- born artist. He was describing his exper..
Launching a Franchise In Mask and Pajamas
WEST HOLLYWOOD - There is a lot at stake with “Green Lantern” - at least for its star, Ryan Reynolds, and Warner Brother..
For Kurds in Turkey, Autonomy in the Arts
DIYARBAKIR, Turkey - Not so long ago playing Kurdish music over a loudspeaker into the streets here might have provoked ..
J. Lo Leaves Diva Image Behind
She arrived like a modern-day Cleopatra, smiling and waving down at her adoring masses from the top deck of a trolley, h..
Popularity Of Extensions Lures Thieves To Salons
In the past few months, thieves in quest of human hair have killed a beauty shop supplier in Michigan and carried out he..
Cirque’s New Act: The Theater Stage
MONTREAL - With a wolfish grin and a bald head, Guy Laliberte, a cofounder and the owner of Cirque du Soleil, looks like..
Gertrude Stein, Her Own Creation
SAN FRANCISCO - We still don’t know Gertrude Stein, one of America’s greatest writers, very well. That much is suggested..

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