Human Beings, Version 2.0
Faster, better, smarter. No, not humans, but perhaps everything else. In a world of the always improving and never-endin..
In Start-Ups, A Touch Of Dread
WHAT IF YOU threw a $41million party and nobody came? A start-up company called Color knows how that feels. In March..
Lessons on Longevity, From I.B.M.
At 100, I.B.M. looks remarkably spry. Consumer technologies get all the attention these days, but I.B.M. has thrived by ..
From the West Bank, a Surprising Silence
WASHINGTON - In the Arab democracy movement, there is a dog that has not yet barked. And whether or not it does is causi..
Craving Face Time
The benefits and downside of social media are part of the modern conversation. Cellphone videos posted to YouTube and Fa..
Liberation Tech U.S. Helps Dissidents Create Internet Detours
THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissident..
Subverting Saudi Rules With Humor
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - You know you are attending a Saudi Arabian comedy night when the performance tent is pitched 80 k..
Cigarettes In Demand, One by One
With cigarette prices up and the number of smoke-friendly places down, the black market for single cigarettes, or “loosi..
No Time to Mourn At Ghanaian Funerals
The Irish may be known for their spirited wakes, but Ghanaians have perfected the over-the-top funeral. And in New York ..
A Work of Wonder: A Map of 19,993 Trees
Every year about 37 million people go to Central Park, and, finding themselves surrounded by 23,000 trees, most do not k..
Korean Groceries Dwindling
Joo Han, the son of Korean immigrants, runs a Manhattan produce store that looks much as it did when his parents opened ..
Gossip Devours All
Greta Garbo just wanted to be left alone. For decades, she gave no interviews, pulled no publicity stunts and hid fr..
Food for a Warming Planet
THE GREAT AGRICULTURAL system that feeds the human race is in trouble. The rapid growth in farm output of the late 2..
Turkey Offers Arabs A Vision Beyond Feuds
GAZIANTEP, Turkey - Less than two kilometers from the Syrian frontier, in the land of Kemal Ataturk, Ahmed Sheikh Said d..
Saudis Scramble to Contain Unrest Across Middle East
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia is flexing its financial and diplomatic might across the Middle East to contain the ..

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