Reagan, Obama and Inequality
Since the end of the 1970s, something has gone profoundly wrong in America. Inequality has soared. Educational progre..
Where the Road Meets the Walrus
Let’s raise the gas tax. There are several reasons we need to discuss this now. One is that plummeting gasoline price..
A Detainee’s Diary
Last week, several Republican senators, including John McCain, called on President Obama to stop releasing detainees fro..
Say It Like It Is
I’ve never been a fan of global conferences to solve problems, but when I read that the Obama administration is organizi..
Your Free Speech, and Mine
Last Sunday, as lovers of free speech filled the streets of Paris, lovers of elegant English period soap opera were watc..
Rating the Republicans
If the Republican presidential campaign were “American Idol” or “The Voice,” this would be the out-of-town auditions pha..
Francs, Fear and Folly
Ah, Switzerland, famed for cuckoo clocks and sound money. Other nations may experiment with radical economic policies, b..
An Islamic Reformer, Lashed
As one group of Islamic militants was waging war in Paris, another was slaughtering vast numbers of civilians in Baga in..
We Need Another Giant Protest
President Obama was criticized for failing to attend, or send a proper surrogate to, the giant antiterrorism march in Pa..
Dropouts and Politics and Cats
Let’s talk about governors. Or college dropouts. Wow, we’ve only been together for a few seconds and already I sense ..
Mitt and the Melee
There’s an adage in my business that it’s not news when a dog bites a man, only when a man bites a dog. By that reaso..
The Child in the Basement
Maybe you’re familiar with Ursula Le Guin’s short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” It’s about a sweet and pe..
Playing College Moneyball
Writing this column on Monday afternoon, I can only guess at the final score of the big game between Ohio State and Oreg..
Tamir Rice and the Value of Life
An extended video released last week of the shooting death of Tamir Rice in Cleveland appears to show an unconscionable ..
The Deano Chronicles, Continued
KISSING the sun. Swilling merlot. Plotting revenge. Life is good for John Boehner. Lying in a hammock at his new c..

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