Platinum Pay in Ivory Towers
Gregory Fenves recently got a big promotion, from provost to president of the University of Texas at Austin. A raise cam..
Hillary, Jeb, Facebook and Disorder
For a presidential campaign that has started so early, it’s striking how little most of the candidates want to engage wi..
Chemo for the Planet
What’s the best way to reduce the chances of climate change wreaking havoc on Earth? The most obvious answer — one we..
Learning From Mistakes
If you could go back to 1889 and strangle Adolf Hitler in his crib, would you do it? At one level, the answer is obvious..
Errors and Lies
Surprise! It turns out that there’s something to be said for having the brother of a failed president make his own run f..
Unaffiliated and Underrepresented
President Obama is a Christian (despite the fact that most Republicans apparently still believe that his “deep down” bel..
He Is Heavy. He’s My Brother.
WASHINGTON — IT isn’t about what we know now. It’s about what we knew then. It is simply not true, as Republican p..
Do Churches Fail the Poor?
LAST week two prominent Americans — an eminent social scientist and the president of the United States — decided to answ..
Crisis at Sea
One of the world’s most beautiful regions, the seas of Southeast Asia — home to sparkling white beaches and $7,000-a-nig..
Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful
Let\'s discuss Jeb Bush\'s terrible week. I\'m really troubled by his awful performances, and I\'m generally a person..
The Bitter Backdrop to 2016
Already the polling for the presidential race is feverish, with new findings daily. Which Republican is leading in New H..
No Justice, No ... Anything
In public appearances and classes this semester, I’ve talked about eating better and improving the food system in ways t..
At Rutgers, It’s Books vs. Ballgames
It’s not exactly a secret that big-time college sports often distort priorities on university campuses. But every once i..
The Center-Right Moment
The most surprising event of this political era is what hasn’t happened. The world has not turned left. Given the financ..
Of Museums and Racial Relics
Recently, Rush Limbaugh lambasted the first lady, Michelle Obama, for bringing up the idea of diversity among museum vis..

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