Lost in America
More and more I’m convinced that America right now isn’t a country dealing with a mere dip in its mood and might. It’s a..
The Making of a Disaster
LONDON — Almost 13 years after 9/11,a jihadi organization with a murderous anti-Western ideology controls territory in I..
Hawks Crying Wolf
According to a recent report in The Times, there is dissent at the Fed: “An increasingly vocal minority of Federal Reser..
Patient No. 9413
My mother was a woman hollowed out like a tree struck by lightning. I wanted to know why. Ever since her first suicid..
Don’t Dismiss the Humanities
What use could the humanities be in a digital age? University students focusing on the humanities may end up, at leas..
What’s Next With Hillary?
Well, thank God that’s over. Peace broke out at Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. President Obama was there, playing go..
It’s the Loyalty, Stupid
WASHINGTON — I talked to Robin Williams once, about breasts. In 1993, when he played a prim British nanny in “Mrs. Do..
Finding Your Comfort Food
“What,” people ask me, “do you cook when you’re not working?” The answer is pretty consistent: “pasta and fish and a veg..
Clinton, Obama and Iraq
Last week, Hillary Clinton had a fascinating interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. The interview got immediat..
From Sneakers to O’Bannon
“When I first heard about the decision, I was speechless,” said Sonny Vaccaro. Speechless as in he never thought this da..
Phosphorus and Freedom
In the latest Times Magazine, Robert Draper profiled youngish libertarians — roughly speaking, people who combine free-m..
Back to Iraq
WASHINGTON — IT was exhilarating to drop a bunch of 500-pound bombs on whatstheirname. Just when Americans thought th..

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